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Let’s Put Boise on the Map — Sill Lyra

This is the first in a series of monthly articles by Sill Lyra. 

Continuing our discussion about participation in tournaments as a way to improve your game, get out of your comfort zone, and, of course, increase social interaction, I took a look at the number of competitions listed at this moment on the calendar of some states around the country.


Last weekend, in Utah there are 8 tournaments listed, Florida has 15, Oregon has 6, Washington has 10…Nevada has 8…Idaho has NONE!… as you can see at:

This month and the next we are having some local events organized by the two clubs in Boise. The Boise club events with just a social goal and the BAPA event, with its competitive edge, will record the results for the first rounds of round robin play.

Throughout this post I have included some pictures of 3.0 ranked players from the events on both 9/28 and 9/29.

DSC_0006 (1)These events were wonderfully sunny, a perfect setting for great pickle ball games.

The Boise club, as I said, didn’t record the scores and just had players change partners and play. This is fun, but this is what we always do in our daily play days. I bet the majority who signed up wanted their scores to be recorded, the percentages calculated, and maybe have finals for the top winners. But I can say that just for the organization of such event, the club should receive our congratulations. It is a great start to shaking the boat.

I also participated in an independent event as a 3.0 player. Under the leadership of Kathy Getto, it followed a format that recorded the results of each game and at some point, showed to all participants the percentage of success in points for each athlete.

In my opinion, we should have continued until a final was held between the athletes with the highest percentages. Maybe a 2 out 3 games of 15 points. I think that this is what competition is about. We should not be afraid to face our reality and work hard to improve it.

DSC_0015 (1)

If any individual faces another in a sport event, is a competition! The results should be recorded and compared with previous events and from there, the individual will have an idea about what they will need to work to improve.

I know that as a former Olympic coach, that there are a lot of fear in athletic competition…I call it “ego fear”…to participate in “official events” where there will be a record of what he or she is accomplishing. We don’t want to feel bad or weak in our game. So, we play for “fun” with no registration of our results. In doing this, at the end, the “ego” will not be hurt.


I think that is fine. It is a personal choice and needs to be respected. However, playing any sport is competition! It is one individual against another…period! Or a team against another team…period! For the ones who want to improve their game, the competition is the opportunity that will tell them what they need to do to improve.

At these two recent local events, it was a pleasure to see friends improve their games about 100%; like Pat Roark or Lannin Compton, who I witness their first days at indoors plays at Fort Boise. Congratulations…you guys are doing great!


Of course we are having these local events that I congratulate both clubs for holding it.

As a matter of fact, I have no idea why there are two clubs. I know, I’m sorry, I’m new and totally don’t know the internal politics, but I keep wondering why two clubs?

The sport is growing without control and we need to be united by the only goal that matters…PLAYING PICKLE BALL!…Well, I think it is wonderful that we have all the people who make up these clubs, playing the sport in one way or another.

We do need these kind of local events, but also we need to appear at the national level of pickle ball. Our state is part of the Pacific Northwest Region of Pickle ball. Alaska (if I’m not mistaken), Washington, Oregon and Idaho are the states that form this region.

To travel to those states means hundreds of miles driving or flying, hotels and general travel expenses. Not everybody can afford that. I’m one of them.


What if we, who live in the capitol of this state, have events that will bring athletes from these areas to participate here in our city? What a great experience to have a stop in Boise for the Pros!

What do we need? We already have summer facilities at Manitou Park and Settlers Park (for our 2017 Senior Games this facility was a success). For the Winter, we have Home Court YMCA and Fort Boise (with only 3 courts). Fort Boise is part of Boise city’s Parks and Recreation. Their interest is to serve the community, and, to a great extent, contribute to the growth of the sport. Their social goal to bring people to the sport is evident, independent of who is who or how many clubs we have or not.

Hobble Creek is a dream that is a little far away; it depends on our city officials waking up to understand the growing and importance of this sport and take the initiative to build state-of-the-art facilities, like what I witnessed in Bend, with only 17,000 residents, and Brigham City with just 18,000, Meanwhile, Boise, with an estimated population of 223,145 has just little islands of places to play. They need to understand that events will bring money to the city. Hotels, restaurants etc. will benefit, and, of course, our beautiful City of Trees will be on the map for another sports activity.

What’s missing? What about if both local clubs unite for the purpose to create competitive events? What if we form a “Competitions Committee” that will create a calendar of events, with members working on the calendar, sponsorships, locations, logistics, volunteers etc.?

How many of you can donate some of your time and social connections to help accomplish this goal?

We CAN do anything in life that we put our minds to!

Let’s place Boise on the circuit of great pickle ball events. We have great players, emerging facilities and the will to improve.

As Emerson said…”Without enthusiasm nothing can be done.”

For any of you who are willing to join forces for this goal …my name is Silvino Lyra (Sill)…my email is SILLINTERCOACH@YAHOO.COM and I’m willing to help place BOISE ID, on the map of the Pickle ball world.

Email me if you want to volunteer to this goal. Tell me in what way you can help and what your suggestions are and we can start from there…

For every 1,000-mile-walk, we just need one step to start and then one step at a time…as in pickle ball…you only need to make one point at a time…

Email me and let’s get to work!



“Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do.”

Best Pickleball Point Ever — 55 HITS!

Tim Gleason, a Treasure Valley player, said, “The enjoyment from pickleball doesn’t come from winning. It comes from sustained rallies.”

You have experienced them… Those rallies that go on so long that we all forget what the score is let alone who served the ball.

From The Pickleball Channel:

Best Pickleball Point Ever

Some have called this the best pickleball point ever. What do you think?

Watch it now and find out why this point has been watched over 80,000 times and shared around the world on Facebook.

It’s only 60 seconds and has everything you want to see on the court – fast, slow, offense, defense.


This is a great video to share with your friends as an example of how awesome pickleball really is.


Coaches and pros say it’s important to watch others to be a better player, so watch this point and see if you can spot the skills and strategies these players are using.


Look for the different types of shots and gameplay each team uses to get control of the point. Watch this point now and be inspired to add something new to your game!

Battle of the Sexes – Pickleball Style!

From Nick Leach:

BoSMost of us seasoned pickleball players remember the Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs tennis “Battle of the Sexes” in 1973 but some didn’t get a chance to watch.

Well, now you have a chance to watch Pickleball’s own version of the “Battle of the Sexes”.

On October 7th at 3:00 pm MST pickleball legends Simone Jardim and Scott Moore battle it out for a great fundraising event and then the two will take on another great pickleball duo, Steve Dawson and Corrine Carr in another epic match up.

You can stream live the event from your computer, with your login and password. Don’t miss it!

To get all the details and info, copy and paste the address below into you search address box:

This is going to be GREAT!!

3 Secrets to Improve Your Dinking Strategy

From the Pickleball Channel

Improve your dinking by using these three secrets and boost your game overnight!

In this informative episode of Pickleball 411, pickleball pro Steve Dawson shows us useful dinking skills that will bring your game to a whole new level.  Steve has developed these tips over years of experience as an instructor and owner at the Bobby Riggs Tennis Club and we have added helpful graphics and even slow motion footage to visually illustrate his advice in action.

This episode is full of useful information that you can put into practice immediately!

Play in More Tournaments to Become a Better Pickleball Player

This letter is from Dick and Lawana Johnson. In it they talk about the best way a pickleball player can become an even better pickleball player.

DLJRecently, I enjoyed reading with great interest the two articles written by Silvino (Sill) Lyra about his participation in the Tournament of Champions. He was joined at that tournament by a small group of other Treasure Valley Pickleball players. Congratulations to all of them for, as they reported, their willingness to stretch themselves out of their comfort zone to play a bigger & tougher tourney. And, special congratulations to Sue & Kristi for bringing home a Gold Medal!

I also really emphasized with them on their heartfelt feelings and benefits from playing in such tourneys. I’ve been blessed to do well in many tourneys outside of Idaho, including many regionals and all the senior majors, during my 5 years in our wonderful game. And, I remember very well how tough, AND, discouraging it sometimes was, especially at first. But, like our fellow club members described in their articles, I also remember how beneficial and great fun it always was (and, still is!).

Earlier this week, I provided a free clinic for about 15 people, including Brian & Kalen McNatt, who played the tourney in the recent articles. Besides stroke & strategy improvement, the clinic included my thoughts about the importance and great value of playing as many tourneys as they could, especially those outside of our area. Emphasis was given that they would learn many valuable things that would greatly improve their stroke skills, strategy development, match & tournament preparation & toughness, etc. And, I told them that, in many ways, much of it could only be learned by actually playing tournaments. After all, why are some players called, “Tournament Tough,” and able to play very well, especially in difficult medal competition, as opposed to just playing socially when nothing is on the line, win or lose?

So, I guess my advice for folks wanting to really improve their games to an even higher level is for them to play more & tougher tourneys. Besides, they are great fun, both for skill improvement, making new friends, and social interaction. On the other hand, as we all know, our great sport is also lots of fun for those who just want to have a super time and build their skills along the way, without being involved too much in serious competition. It truly is a marvelous activity for all!!!

Pickleball has become a major highlight and one of the greatest blessings of Lawana’s and my life, especially as we’ve entered our sunset years. It literally helped me control my pretty serious diabetes condition, and, despite old age and injuries that have come with the game, it continues to help me be much more healthy. We continue very grateful for many wonderful people in our local pickleball world who originally got us started, continue to help us along the way, and contribute so much service to the sport.

Dick & Lawana Johnson

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