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3 Secrets to Improve Your Dinking Strategy

From the Pickleball Channel

Improve your dinking by using these three secrets and boost your game overnight!

In this informative episode of Pickleball 411, pickleball pro Steve Dawson shows us useful dinking skills that will bring your game to a whole new level.  Steve has developed these tips over years of experience as an instructor and owner at the Bobby Riggs Tennis Club and we have added helpful graphics and even slow motion footage to visually illustrate his advice in action.

This episode is full of useful information that you can put into practice immediately!

Pickleball Warm Up Drills

Thanks to Joel Shaber for finding and sharing this video!

Here are some great warm up drills by Jordan Briones that will help you improve your skills while warming up!

Great warm up drills that you can use to improve your game!

Whether you are playing recreational or tournament play, it’s always good to get a correct warm up  so that you can be ready to play your best game…

  1. Straight Across Dinks
  2. Cross Court Backhand Dinks
  3. Cross Court Forehand Dinks
  4. Rally Game to 5 Points — Straight On
  5. Rally Game to 5 Points — Cross Court Forehand Side
  6. Rally Game to 5 Points — Cross Court Backhand Side
  7. Third Shot Drops
  8. Mid-Court Drops (No Man’s Land Drill)
  9. Warm Up Volleys — Straight On
  10. “In Sync” Volley Drill
  11. “You Go, I Go” Volley Drill
  12. “Bryan Brothers” Volley Drill

Why not pick at least three to work on each week along with your regular warm up?

Bet you’ll see improvement in your game…

Using YouTube to Improve Your Play

From Joel Shaber, our Boise Pickleball Club resident pickleball strategist:

“Watching instructional videos and high level matches on YouTube is a good way to improve your understanding of pickleball.”

youtubeIt’s surprising how much one can learn from watching pickleball being played. And YouTube has so many pickleball videos that it can be a bit overwhelming to navigate.

Joel has done some research and hand picked the following videos to help Boise Pickleball Club players improve their game.

He has chosen videos that cover two areas: instructional videos and match play.

  • Watch the instructional videos to see how to work on specific shots and skills.
  • Watch the match play videos to see how highly skilled players execute the shots and skills demonstrated in the instructional videos.

Grab some popcorn and then click on the links to open the YouTube videos.

Instructional Videos:

Doubles Pickleball Strategy 101 – How to Play Smart Pickleball (29 minutes)

Pickleball 411: Improve Your Game with the Soft Return (4 minutes)

Pickleball 411: Third Shot Drill (4 minutes)

Doubles Pickleball Strategy 201 – Dinking Strategy (11 minutes)

Doubles Pickleball Strategy 102 – Smart Pickleball Vol. 2, Power (9 minutes)

High Level Match Play:

2015.09.11 – Moore, Daniel – Staub, Matt vs Juergens, Jay – Hudachko, Peter (8 minutes)

Nationals WD Ansboury / LeMaster vs Carr / Jardim (34 minutes)

Villages Pickleball Exhibition Gabrielsen and Elliot vs. Miller and Staub (6 minutes)

U.S. Open Pickleball Championships – Men’s Doubles 4.5 (6 minutes)

Encinitas Pickleball Grand Prix Men’s 5.0 Final Game 3 (11 minutes)

Firming up the Soft Game

PickleballDrill to 3.5 Clinic

Firming up the Soft Game

Date: July 26

Time: Drills start at 8:00 a.m. and run for one hour. Open play follows the drill session.

Location: Sawtooth Middle School

Clinic Topic: Firming the Soft Game


Having a good soft game is a critical component of skilled pickleball players.

As you get better and better, you’ll be playing others who play better and better.

Why is it important to work on your soft game?

  • A good soft game helps you NOT give your opponent a ball that they can win the point with.
  • A good soft game helps you shift the game play. If you are the weaker players, there are places and ways to utilize the soft game so that your opponents are forced to hit to your partner.
  • A good soft game is utilized from ALL areas of the court–not just at the kitchen line.
  • A good soft game is one of the most effective tools against ‘bangers’.

Come to the drills and learn more about the soft game.

You will be doing drills from three areas of the court, each one showing you how and why to improve your soft game skills.

So if you want to improve your soft game, come on down!!!!

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