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US Open Pickleball!

From US Open Pickleball Championship

kyle_usopen_pickleball_1The first-ever US OPEN Pickleball Championships are happening in Naples, Florida in April of 2016.

Over 1,000 athletes will compete for top prize money in America’s fastest-growing sport, while thousands of spectators fill the rockin’ hospitality village.

Boise’s own Dick Johnson will be playing in the US Open!

But for those of us who won’t be there in person, we can watch on TV!

From CBS Sports Network

CBS Sports Network and the US Open Pickleball Championships are teaming up to bring Pickleball to over 50 million subscribers! A one hour show will be aired within 30 days after the final matches are played. The production team will be on the Zing Zang Championship Court Saturday night filming all three pro doubles finals. Who will be the first Pickleball superstars on national TV?

Stay tuned for more information…

In the meantime, here’s a great story looking behind the scenes on what it takes to put on an event of this magnitude from the Seattle Post Intelligencer:

Got Wrench?


Listen up folks!

pb-vs-tennisFor those of us who have begun playing outdoors or who will start playing outdoors soon, don’t forget to pack and use a wrench on the ‘tennis court nets’.

Tennis court nets should be set at 36″ high in the middle of the net.

As you know, pickleball nets are set at 34″ at the same spot.

Even though the courts are designated as “dual use”, court etiquette requires that the nets be set at 36″ whenever pickleball players are not present.

So, after you are done playing, please reset all outdoor net heights to 36″.

Thank you for your cooperation!



Tournament Results

unnamedHere are the results from the 1st Annual Treasure Valley YMCA Pickleball Classic held last weekend.

The tournament was a great success. Congrats to the YMCA and its staff, the tournament players, and all the helpful volunteers for a job well done!


Men’s Singles 3.5

Gold — Jim Mcmillan

Silver — Myles Getto

Bronze — Gaylan Moore

Men’s Singles 4.5

Gold — Glenn Spivey

Silver — Chris Watts

Bronze — Joe Bonawitz


Women’s Doubles 2.5 

Gold — Tracy Simon + Ann Gross

Silver — Kay Brill + Sidne Lamb

Bronze — Kelly Habermanm + Cary Dingman

Women’s Doubles 3.5

Gold — Jeanette Welker + Tammy Burke

Silver — Deb Paige + Judy Caldwell

Bronze — Barb Morgan + Judy Heinbach

Women’s Doubles 4.0

Gold — Kathy Getto + Gail Walker

Silver — Lynn Strasdin + Carol Amos

Bronze — Tami Leach + Paula Ekins


Men’s Doubles 3.0

Gold — Hoyt Foster + Tim Alberda

Silver — Russell Bell + Kurt Marostica

Bronze — Kevin Johnson + Charles Kerr

Men’s Doubles 3.5

Gold — Jim Mcmillan + Scott Michaelson

Silver — Chris Given + Gaylan Moore

Bronze — Perry Whittaker + Daniel Jacobs

Men’s Doubles 4.5

Gold — Chris Watts + Mike Post

Silver — Glenn Spivey + Joe Bonawitz

Bronze — Mitko Smith + Ken Heydon


Mixed Doubles 2.5

Gold — Jerry Michener + Sylvia Jensen

Silver — Tracy Simon + Jake Simon

Bronze — Rick Dressell + Anne Dressell

Mixed Doubles 3.0 

Gold — Cristina Puckett + Kurt Marostica

Silver — Leonard Chessmore + Stacy Chessmore

Bronze — Alan Hutchins + Kristeen Haemmerle

Mixed Doubles 3.5

Gold — Gaylan Moore + Gail Walker

Silver — Karl Thompson + Tamarra Hallan

Bronze — Chris Given + Deborah Richter

Mixed Doubles 4.5

Gold — Jim Mcmillan + Laura Mangum

Silver — Kim Edwards + Ken Heydon

Bronze — Kathy Getto + Myles Getto


Potential New USAPA Ratings System


Subcommittee established to examine potential ratings system for USAPA

Author: Chris Thomas, USAPA Ratings Chair

In the inaugural edition of the Pickleball Magazine in January, 2016, there were two brief articles on the subject of a new rating system. My purpose here is to bring the USAPA members up to date on recent progress and next steps.

The New System Ratings Subcommittee is composed of: Chris Thomas, Mike Stahl, Steve Paranto, Paul Porch, Linda Einsiedler, Ford Roberson, David Zapatka and Mark Friedenberg. This subcommittee is charged with developing the initial system requirements for an automated, computer-based system. The system would objectively rate sanctioned tournament players on the basis of their actual match scores against similar rated players.

The subcommittee’s other key tasks are to develop an FAQ that would explain the purposes and operation of a new system, and to identify several potential soft-ware vendors. I am happy to report that all of these goals and tasks have been completed.

The next step is to forward the new system proposal to the Ratings Steering Committee composed of: Chris Thomas, Jeff Shank, Brian Staub, Jim Hackenberg, Linda Einsiedler, Mark Friedenberg, Pat Carroll, Priscilla Scott, Rocky Clark, Roger Workman and Tom Burkhart. Once this Committee has completed their work and approved the proposal, then the proposal will be presented to the USAPA Board.

While no ratings system is perfect, a computer-based system will have multiple advantages over the current USAPA systems. These advantages include: transparency, objectivity, responsiveness, self-correcting process and precision. Tournament players will have three separate ratings: Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles.

On system cut-over, the new system will utilize sanctioned tournament match results (target is 12 months) to determine the player’s rating. In just 26 of the sanctioned tournaments in 2015, there were an estimated 14,000 matches. Thus, the new system will have substantial data to determine a player’s rating.

There is still much work to be done. Although a vendor may have some data on their web site now, the decision to select a potential vendor is down the road. The subcommittee has made no recommendation of a specific vendor.

I will keep members and players advised via both Pickleball Magazine and the USAPA Newsletter of any significant developments regarding this critical project. Please send any questions or comments to me at:

Way to Go!

JohnsonsLawana Johnson recently sent an update of all of Dick Johnson’s recent winnings.

Mission Royal Tournament

with Dave Kaylyn, Silver in 3.5 Men’s Doubles

Johnson-2Happy Trails Classic

with Betty Silver, Gold in 75+ Mixed Doubles

S.W. USAPA Regional Tournament

with Bev Krueger, Gold in 3.5 70+ Mixed
with Paul Hoggart, Gold in 3.5 75+ Mixed Johnson-3Doubles with Paul Hoggart, Silver in 65+ Mixed Doubles
Gold in 3.5 70+ Singles
Bronze in 3.5 65+ Singles

Congrats to Dick and his partners!

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