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Idaho Senior Games – August 2016 Results


August 2016 Idaho Senior Games Results

Special thanks to event photographers Lawana Johnson and Jim Gilmore! Be sure to click on the links below to view ALL of the great photos.

Lawana took photos of the awards ceremonies: View All Award Photos

Jim took candid and action photos: View Al Candid and Action Photosphotographers

Men’s Doubles: 50-54 and 55-59

GOLD: Dale Harris/Wes Jacobs

SILVER: Scott Cristie/Robert Calver

BRONZE: David Sloanaker/Steve Douglas

isg-11Men’s Doubles: 60-64 and 65-69

GOLD: Pat Claytor/Tim Gleason

SILVER: Jim Mcmillan/Scott Mikelson

BRONZE: Joe Grimm/Kehrer

Men’s Doubles: 70-74

GOLD: Lance Thiede, Michael Wolfe

SILVER: Mike Mather/John Sweeting

BRONZE: Al Hutchins/Dave Mattson

Men’s Doubles: 75-79

GOLD: Dick Johnson/Gary Robbins

SILVER: Stewart Mitchell/Frank Street

BRONZE: Don Denton/Dewayne Merritt

isg-12Men’s Singles: 50-54 and 55-59

GOLD: David Slonaker

SILVER: Mark Demeester

BRONZE: Paul Brunson

Men’s Singles: 60-64

GOLD: Jim McMillan

SILVER: Scott Michaelson

BRONZE: Dale Harris

isg-21Men’s Singles: 65-69

GOLD: Richard Kirkham

SILVER: Ken Kehrer

BRONZE: Chris Given

Men’s Singles: 70-74 and 75-79

GOLD: Dick Johnson

SILVER: Lance Thiede

BRONZE: Michael Wolfe

Mixed Doubles: 50-54

GOLD: Jan Kapp/Wesley Jacobs

SILVER: Lisa Griffin/David Slonaker

BRONZE: Tam Ambrose/Joe Grimm

isg-20Mixed Doubles: 55-59

GOLD: Kerry Belcher/Joel Shaber

SILVER: Tami Leach/Nick Leach

BRONZE: Karen Buich/Mike Dougherty

Mixed Doubles: 60-64

GOLD: Kathleen Holtreman/Dale Harris

SILVER: Gail Walker/Gaylon Moore

BRONZE: Deborah Campbell Knopp/Richard Kirkham

Mixed Doubles: 65-69

GOLD: Audrey Phillips/Michael Wolfe

SILVER: Carol Kerr/Charles Kerr

Dede Morris/Robert Probasco

Mixed Doubles: 70-74 and 75-79

GOLD: Nancy Sass/Lance Thiede

SILVER: Linda Forbes/Dick Johnson

BRONZE: Judy Caldwell, David Mattson

isg-6Women’s Doubles: 50-54 and 55-59

GOLD: Kathleen Holtreman/Jan Kapp

SILVER: Lisa Griffin/Sonya Kincheloe

BRONZE: Tami Leach/Linda Forbes

Women’s Doubles: 60-64, 65-69, and 70-74

GOLD: Audrey Phillips/Nancy Sass

SILVER: Deborah Cambell Knopp/Londa Robinson

BRONZE: Wendy Cavan/Melinda Hoekstra

Women’s Singles: 50-54 and 60-64

GOLD: Deborah Campbell Knopp

SILVER: Tam Ambrose

BRONZE: Thressa Fogleman



State Championship

Winning State Championships with A Smaller Paddle!

Four of our Treasure Valley pickleball players recently traded their pickleball paddles for slightly smaller versions to compete in Table Tennis, which was one of the Idaho Senior Games opening events during the month of August.


Players came from across the state, and as far away as California for the competition, which was held at the Idaho Athletic Club in Eagle, Idaho. They traveled those long distances, because, similar to pickleball and other events, medalists in this year’s Idaho Senior Games qualify for the 2017 National Senior Olympic Games to be held next year in Birmingham, Alabama. Our “Picklers” report they had a great time, met some very nice people, and again really appreciated the outstanding organization and wonderful purpose and philosophy of the Senior Games.  They also took the opportunity to tell other Table Tennis competitors there about the great enjoyment and benefits of playing pickleball, and invited them to come try it out.

Our four State Table Tennis Champs & Nationals Qualifiers are

Diana Bunger:

Gold:  70 Womens Sigles

Gold:  70 Women’s Doubles

Gold:  70 Mixed Doubles

Dick Johnson:

Gold:  75 Mens Singles

Gold:  75 Mens Doubles

Silver: 70 Mixed Doubles

Bill Light:

Gold: 70 Mens Singles

Gold  70 Mixed Doubles

Lawana Johnson:

Gold:  70 Women’s Doubles

Silver: 70 Women’s Singles

Silver: 70 Mixed Doubles

Note:  This is Bill and Diana’s second year winning Gold in Table Tennis and Dick & Lawana’s third year.  Dick has also won Gold in Tennis and Pickleball the past three years.

And the Silver Medals Go To…

24fc4bc5-919b-4c33-ad46-6319a7c92603Donna Bogdan and Judy Caldwell!

Donna and Donna captured Silver Medals at the Oregon Senior Games held June 10 thru 12 at Pine Nursery Park in beautiful Bend, Oregon.

Judy and Donna played in the Women’s Doubles – Age Group 70-74 against some fierce competition.

Donna commented after the game, “Judy played so well that I didn’t even have to wear shoes!” 🙂

Other Treasure Valley pickleball players competing at the Oregon Senior Games were John Sweeting and Al Hutchins.

Congratulations to all for a job well done.

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