Walla Walla Tournament Results

20170623_144303Some Treasure Valley pickleball players recently traveled to Walla Walla, Washington, for the HEART of the COUNTRY Pickleball Tournament.

Nearly 100 players participated in the four-day event. Players from our area include: Scott Christie, Susie Christie, Dennis Kincheloe, Sonya Kincheloe, Deb Paige, Zack Pancheri, and Glenn Spivey.

Treasure Valley medal winners:

Gold: Zack Pancheri and Glenn Spivey

Gold: Takako Tourangeau and Zack Pancheri
Bronze: Sheri Oslie and Glenn Spivey

Silver: Deb Paige and Susie Christie

20170625_222335PS: Thanks to Deb Paige for the photos!

Dick Johnson Medals Again…

DJ-NSGand again and again!

Dick and Lawana Johnson recently attended National Senior Games in Birmingham, Alabama.

Over 10,500 athletes from every state in the USA and several countries competed in 19 sports. Over 900 athletes competed in pickleball.

Dick won the following:

• Gold Medal in 75 Singles

• Bronze Medal in 75 MD

• 4th Place in 75 Mixed

View the flyer (from Lawana Johnson) about Dick’s participation in the National Senior Games.

International Indoor Tournament Results

IIPCRecently almost a dozen Treasure Valley pickleball players traveled to Centralia, Washington, to compete in the 2017 International Indoor Pickleball Championships.

Nearly 500 athletes from across the USA and Canada competed in the five day event which is considered the largest indoor pickleball events in the world.

Here are the athletes from the Treasure Valley who competed:

Chris Given, Dan Jacobs, Dennis Kincheloe, Sonya Kincheloe, Jim McMillan, Zack Pancheri, David Slonaker, Hillbilly (Glenn) Spivey, Steve Torrano, Gail Walker, and Joanne Whittaker.

And here the are medal results for those players:

Men’s Doubles Ages Groups:
35+ | Bronze Medal: Hillbilly Spivey + Sugar Shayne Johnson
65+ | Bronze Medal: Chris Given + Steve Torrano

Men’s Doubles Skill Groups:
4.0 | Gold Medal: Jim McMillan + Zack Pancheri

Men’s Singless Skill Groups:
4.0 | Bronze Medal: Dan Jacobs

Mixed Doubles Ages Groups:
50+ | Gold Medal: Sherri Oslie + Hillbilly Spivey
60+ | Bronze Medal: Gail Walker + Jim McMillan
65+ | Bronze Medal: Sonya Kincheloe + Tom Watson

Mixed Doubles Skill Groups:
4.0 | Bronze Medal: Gail Walker + Jim McMillan
4.5 | Gold Medal: Joanne Whittaker + Hillbilly Spivey

Senior Men’s Single Age Groups
65-69 | Gold Medal: Jim McMillan

Senior Men’s Single Open
Silver Medal: Hillbilly Spivey

Women’s Doubles Age Groups
65+ | Gold Medal: Sonya Kincheloe + Fran Myer

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