National Senior Games

From Lawana Johnson:

Here is the first ABC TV interview at the national senior games in Birmingham.

And, out of the 10,000 athletes and 40 sports there, it was about Pickleball and includes Idaho and an Idaho athlete!

National Senior Games kicks off in Birmingham

A flame arrival ceremony Friday night will mark the beginning of the 2017 National Senior Games.

More than 10,000 athletes will be in Birmingham to compete in 19 different sports. Athletes are representing all 50 states and nine countries.

Before Friday night’s ceremony, athletes began practicing pickleball at the BJCC.

The sport (a mix between tennis, badminton and table tennis) is one of the most popular sports at the National Senior Games.

“I’m an old tennis player,” said 77-year-old Dick Johnson. “Back fusion put me out of tennis competitively, then I found pickleball.”

Johnson is from Idaho and Arizona. He says pickleball is more than a hobby.

“I’m a diabetic and when I found the game, I lost about 40 pounds which helped,” said Johnson. “And then (I) really started being more disciplined on my eating, so I could be competitive and play at the top of the game and it literally saved my life, literally.”

This is one of 19 sports that will be played across fourteen venues.

Pickleball is the only sport where practice started early.

Jim Cohen of Minnesota says he’s ready to win. This is his first senior games.

“They’re only played once every 2 years,” Cohen said of the Senior Games. “You have to compete in another state championship and won a metal and been invited, so it’s really an honor.”

Competition is divided by age brackets. Cohen is almost 75, but he says age is just a number.

“I don’t feel a day over 31,” Cohen exclaimed.

Boise’s Awesome Pickleball Tournament Results

Here are the results from the recent Boise’s Awesome Pickleball Adventure tournament:

Men’s Doubles Skill Groups
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Men’s Doubles Skill Groups 3.5 Mike Cramer

Mike Mather

Roger Michener

Michael Dougherty

Devon Molitor

Todd Molitor

Mens Doubles Skill Groups 3.0 Brian McNatt

Kalen McNatt

Chris Clougherty

Roy Tsuda

Rico McGovert

Vern Millington

Mens Doubles Skill Groups 4.5,4.0 Dick Johnson

David Slonaker

Jim McMillan

Scott Michaelson

Mark Johnson

Mark Cools

Mixed Doubles Skill Groups
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Mixed Doubles Skill Groups 3.0 Shelly Johnson

PJ Schramel

Terry Wallace

Bill Wallace

Judy Rowan

Mike Boyd

Mixed Doubles Skill Groups 3.5 Patti Lousen

Tom Bowman

Carol Nelson

Dick Johnson

Paula Lawson

Mike Mather

Mixed Doubles Skill Groups 4.5,4.0 Lisa Griffin

Zack Pancheri

Lori Spivey

Hillbilly Spivey

Karen Buich

Dan Jacobs

Women’s Doubles Skill Groups
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Womens Doubles Skill Groups 2.5 Mimi McGovert

Meghan Millington

Margo Hunter

Shirley Terry

Luanne Anderson

Christine Whittaker

Womens Doubles Skill Groups 3.0 Rachel Bruner

Susannah Barr

Lindsay Barua

Robin Hiaring

Sue Tracy

Shelly Johnson

Womens Doubles Skill Groups 4.0,3.5 Lisa Griffin

Susie Christie

Kerry Belcher

Lori Spivey

“Paige” Paige

Deb Redmond

Pickleball on TV!


You can watch the Women’s Pro Doubles from the recent US Open Pickleball Tournament on May 26 at 8 pm EST.

The event will be aired on CPS Sports Network (CBSSN) which is on Channel 221 on DirectTV and Channel 158 on Dish.

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Can You Best Boise’s Best?

BBBAre you interested in testing your pickleball skills, but don’t have the endurance for a full tournament? …

Treasure Valley Pickleball Clubs are raising money to build a 12-court dedicated pickleball facility. “Beat Boise’s Best” is a donate-to-play event held on May 27, after competition events are finished at Settlers Park.

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