Halloween Tournament Results

Boise Parks and Recreation hosted a Halloween promotional tournament at Fort Boise Community Center.

Everyone had a great time and a lot of fun!

Women’s mid division – Susan Shaffer and Rhonda Bequeath


Women’s beginner Final – Diane Roberson and Nita Baker with Pam Booth and Jenette Mather


Men’s Mid division – Sill Lyra and Rick Maddock


Women’s and Men’s Upper division Champs – Dave Mattson, Ann Buckingham, Debby Richter and Jerry Singman



Medals at the Huntsman Games

From Lawana Johnson


hsg-djDick Johnson, Chris Given, and Tim Gleason recently competed in the world famous Huntsman World Senior Games in St. George, Utah. Huntsman is the world’s largest annual multi-sports event for senior athletes…and, this year topped its impressive past with a record 11,000 athletes from 40 countries competing in around 40 sports. Over the years, 80 different countries have competed for world championship medals. Because it was the big event’s 30th Anniversary, many special activities were enjoyed by our Idaho players, along with the usual Opening & Closing Ceremonies, Athletes’ Village, Parade of Athletes, Olympic Flame, banquets, celebrity entertainment, fireworks, sky divers, comprehensive athlete health screenings, etc.

hsg-cgWe can all be proud that Pickle Ball again demonstrated its explosive growth by its registration for the tourney filling up in the first 27 minutes last Spring! And, by its 675 players being the 2nd largest number of competitors of all 40 sports!

Our World Champion is Dick Johnson, who brought home a Silver Medal and two Gold Medals in 75 Singles, Mixed Doubles and Mens Doubles, with his partners, Gail Brown from Florida, and Del Root from Washington, respectively. And, Chris Given won a Bronze Medal in 3.5 65-9 Mens Doubles with his partner, Scott Risinger, from Utah.

Skyscraper Pickleball

From Lawana Johnson:

Players at the recent Nevada Senior Games were among the first in the country to play skyscraper pickleball. They competed high in the sky at the Las Vegas Plaza Hotel & Casino on 16 beautiful new pickleball courts built on the top of an upper floor of the hotel. Alongside the courts in a huge, 70,000 square foot area is also an olympic size swimming pool and lounge area, including cabanas, hot tub, bar, food, etc. It is one of the first of its kind in the country and likely a precursor to similar new sites that will built on top of skyscrapers as the sport continues to grow in popularity and be recognized for its appeal to its customers by the hotel and entertainment industry.


Dick & Lawana Johnson stayed at the luxurious hotel and reported it was a very unique experience hitting pickle balls on a roof top surrounded by other skyscrapers. They said it also seemed a bit disconcerting to look over the side and down to the ground far below!

Dick brought home Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals in 75 Mixed Doubles, Mens Doubles, & Singles.

To see what skyscraper pickleball playing is like, view this video.

Homecourt Scheduling + Repairs

hcFrom Tami Leach:

There will be NO pickleball this Friday 10/7…

Also, beginning Monday 10/10 – Meridian Parks and Rec will be repairing the Homecourt roof issues (no more condensation)…

It will take approximately 2 weeks to complete. They are going to start with court 1 (far end) and then move to each court to make repairs. So there will be no play on court 1 until they are finished, then 1 will be open and 2 will be closed, then 1 & 2 will be open and 3 will be closed. We will have to be patient and know that it’s for the best down the road.

Again, no pickleball this Friday and then no pickleball on court 1 on Monday (courts 2 and 3 will be open play)…

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