Three Great Videos From The Lakes Spring Fling

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The annual Lakes Spring Fling was another success! Top players, great matches and all in a beautiful setting! Check out these three great videos from all the action including two gold medal matches and a thoughtful winning tip.

Men's SinglesMEN’S SINGLES: These two guys are neck and neck the whole time, fighting with everything they have in the hot desert sun! Check out this great re-match from the The Lakes Spring Fling in Palm Desert, CA hosted by Marcin Rozpedski and EngagePickleball. At Nationals, Tyson McGuffin beat Ben Johns to take the gold medal in Men’s Singles. But can Ben steal the gold this time?  There’s an incredible comeback in the second game to tie it up, causing the two to fight it out in the final game! It’s a great game featuring two amazing players.

winning tip
WINNING TIP:  Hear from the winner of the gold medal in the Men’s 5.0 Singles Match at the Lakes Spring Fling in Palm Desert hosted by Marcin Rozpedski and EngagePickleball. There’s a quick montage at the top which highlights the fast pace and great plays. Then listen in as Rusty interviews the winner. Hear his great advice and how he has evolved his game over the years from a one-dimensional pickleball player to a gold medal champion.

MIXED DOUBLESMixed DoublesTwo great teams face off for the gold medal title in the Mixed Doubles 5.0 Gold Medal Match at The Lakes Spring Fling hosted by Marcin Rozpedski and EngagePickleball. Irina Tereschenko and Kyle Yates take on Lucy Kovalova and Matt Wright in this challenging game. One team finds themselves down early on. Can they make a come-back to win the match?

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US Open Pickleball Championships – Dick Johnson Will Defend His Gold Medals

From Lawana Johnson

It will be played again in Naples, Florida (4/22-28).  Dick and I will be going again where Dick will try to defend his Golds from the 1st two years.  Some interesting facts:
*     2,000 Players.  Again, the largest (and, many feel the toughest tournament) in the world.
*     World class professional & amateur players.  Most of the top in the world will be there.
*     $40,000 Prize Money.
*     Live-streaming:  3 matches/day via CBS Digital through SPORTS LIVE.
*     Televised again by CBS Sports Network and broadcast on 5/5 and 6/1
*     Live schedules, tourney updates, etc can be seen on USOPENPICKLEBALL.INFO


US Open Pickleball Championships


Best Wishes!


Exciting Hobble Creek Update!

Hobble Creek Park Update 4-6-18

Something to Cheer About!

April 2018

Treasure Valley Pickleball Advocates,

THIS IS VERY EXCITING NEWS! On January 24, 2018 John Sweeting, Co-Chair and Nanci Bent, President of the Hobble Creek Park Pickleball Complex Committee met with Paula Lawson representing the Boise Parks & Recreation Department (BPRD). At that meeting they signed an agreement that reduced the financial obligation of Treasure Valley Pickleball Advocates (TVPA) working to create the Hobble Creek dedicated Pickleball Complex.

OUR OBLIGATION WAS REDUCED FROM $100,000 TO $50,000.  Both the Boise City Council with the approval of the BPRD accepted the change in the agreement. This change has a tremendous impact on what the committee has been doing over the last three and a half years.

In order for BPRD to apply for a Land and Water Conservation Grant, our goal $50,000 must be met. This grant will be a dollar for dollar match up to $250,000. Once the initial $50,000 is raised by TVPA, to take full advantage of the matching grant money, we will work together to raise an additional $40,000 through corporate sponsorships and grants to take full advantage of the matching grant money.


TVPA’s $50,000 + BPRD’s $160,000 = $210,000 + Additional $40,000 in seeking grant opportunities and corporate sponsorships totaling $250,000 which the Land and Water Conservation Grant will match and together will be the $500,000 needed to complete the project.

WE ARE NOW VERY CLOSE TO REACHING OUR MINIMUM GOAL. In the 501(c)(3) accounts, funds total approximately $40,000 and brick sales are continuing to generate donations. However, this project is based on continued pledges.  We do have some amenities and enhancements that we would like to provide in the form of shade structures and seating.  Therefore, continuing fundraising efforts are encouraged.

THIS IS THE TIME FOR YOU TO GET INVOLVED.  Join friends and family members in purchasing one of the nine remaining courts at $6,000 a court or a water fountain for $4,000. The donors will be identified with bronze plaques on the amenities to which they have purchased.  We believe this is an opportunity to create a legacy for friends, families and future pickleball players. Business and corporate sponsorships are welcomed as well.  Every court purchased or donation made will allow BPRD to provide the type of enhancements that will make our community complex an incredible and welcoming sports venue.

The Hobble Creek Park Pickleball Complex will soon be a reality.  Meeting our new financial goal as early as possible will open the door for BPRD to let some facility bids out later this year with construction starting as soon as grant funding becomes available. Hobble Creek will become a major attraction and draw pickleball players to engage in both recreation and tournament play from throughout the state and the Northwest.  THE ONLY QUESTION THAT REMAINS IS: WILL YOU BE A PART OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF THIS COMPLEX?  DONATIONS

MUST BE RECEIVED BY OCTOBER 1, 2018. All donations are tax deductible through TVPA 501(c)(3) at:



Feel free to print or forward the attachments below in your efforts to solicit funds for this great endeavor.   The Hobble Creek Park Pickleball Complex Committee thanks you for helping reach this financial goal.

John Sweeting, Co-Chairman                         Rhonda Reed, Secretary                    Carson Spencer, Co-Chairman                        Rudy Whittaker, Treasurer                    Nanci Bent, Committee President                   Terry Donohue, Treasurer                        Cris Bent                                                      Margo Hunter, Tech. Support



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