Can You Best Boise’s Best?

BBBAre you interested in testing your pickleball skills, but don’t have the endurance for a full tournament? …

Treasure Valley Pickleball Clubs are raising money to build a 12-court dedicated pickleball facility. “Beat Boise’s Best” is a donate-to-play event held on May 27, after competition events are finished at Settlers Park.

BRING YOUR CHECKBOOK…for a $50 tax-deductible donation you and your partner will play a game to 11 against Glenn Spivey & Zack Pancheri (our resident 5.0 team).

See how many points you can score.

The worst that could happen is you could learn something, while supporting the sport of pickleball.

Cement your spot on their ‘dance card’ today by sending an email with a subject of ‘Beat Boise’s Best’ to Barbara Dumler (