Best Pickleball Point Ever — 55 HITS!

Tim Gleason, a Treasure Valley player, said, “The enjoyment from pickleball doesn’t come from winning. It comes from sustained rallies.”

You have experienced them… Those rallies that go on so long that we all forget what the score is let alone who served the ball.

From The Pickleball Channel:

Best Pickleball Point Ever

Some have called this the best pickleball point ever. What do you think?

Watch it now and find out why this point has been watched over 80,000 times and shared around the world on Facebook.

It’s only 60 seconds and has everything you want to see on the court – fast, slow, offense, defense.


This is a great video to share with your friends as an example of how awesome pickleball really is.


Coaches and pros say it’s important to watch others to be a better player, so watch this point and see if you can spot the skills and strategies these players are using.


Look for the different types of shots and gameplay each team uses to get control of the point. Watch this point now and be inspired to add something new to your game!