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What Do You Have To Do To Qualify To Play This Year’s Nationals?
This year, USAPA Nationals will be held at one of the most beautiful venues in the world.  The Indian Wells Tennis Garden, near Palm Springs, California will be transformed into 40 painted Plexipave pickleball courts plus a beautiful championship style pickleball stadium court that will host in excess of 2000 players plus tons of spectators.  This will be the biggest sanctioned pickleball tournament in history.
This is a tournament that no pickleball player will want to miss.  And this year, it is very easy to qualify to play.
From watching all the conversations on social media and listening to people at pickleball courts around the country, there seems to be a lot of mis-information on what it takes to be eligible to play in this year’s USAPA National Pickleball Championships at Indian Wells.
So let’s clear it up for you because it is highly likely you are already qualified.

To qualify and thus be eligible to play in the 2018 USAPA National Championships at Indian Wells Tennis/Pickleball Garden?
You need to do one thing, and one thing only.
You must play in a USAPA Regional tournament betweenJuly 15, 2017 and October 31, 2018 OR
play in ANY USAPA Sanctioned tournament betweenNovember 15, 2017 and October 31, 2018.
You have likely already played in a USAPA Sanctioned tournament this during that span of time.  But just in case you haven’t, get out and play one before October 31st.
It’s really that simple.
We hope to see you in Indian Wells.
Rocket, Josh, Zack, Abby, Stephanie and LeEllen
The Pickleball Rocks Team