Pickleball Jamboree!

Submitted by Kathy Getto

Pickle Jam, a pickleball jamboree, will be held at Eagle Tennis Club on May 3-5.

The jamboree offers 125 players from all across the Treasure Valley and the USA to meet and play, watch, and enjoy their favorite sport. Currently we have players signed up from 14 states!

In addition to 36 hours of pickleball fun, players can attend a BBQ on Friday night, enjoy a continental breakfast each morning, and participate in optional competitions like round robins and dinking contests. Each participant will also get a SWAG bag full of goodies.

The cost per player is $125, and players do not need a partner to sign up.

At the jamboree players will join other players at or near their skill level and play games to 11. After each game, players rotate off until another court is free and then they play again. Signups are limited so that players will have minimal wait times.

You can learn more about what attending the jamboree would be like by reading this post: So…What’s it really like at a jamboree?

Here’s a little history about the development of Pickle Jam here in Boise…

I attended one of the first events of this kind last fall. Third Shot’s a Charm Festival was first held in about Kansas City in 2017 six months after Aspen Kern, a pickleball pro asked others this question, “Wouldn’t it be fun if we could all just meet for a weekend and play pickleball?” No tracking of scores for multiple games. No two losses and you’re out. Just playing, watching, and enjoying pickleball with old friends and new friends. TSaC is now an annual event and being held in several cities. I had so much fun at the second TSaC event, that I decided to look into the possibility of having something similar here in the Treasure Valley.

I joined up with Susannah Barr and Dylan Lammers and the three of us are working hard to put on a great pickleball event here in the Treasure Valley. We want to include both local and out of town players. Out of town players so that they can see what great pickleball and great pickleball people there are in the Treasure Valley. Local players so that they can have oodles of fun playing their favorite game while playing with and meeting new people.

I hope you consider registering for Pickle Jam. It’s a great opportunity to have fun and be a part of an event that’s the first of its kind held in the northwest. And the SWAG is so cool…

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at katherinegetto @ gmail dot com.

Happy pickling,
Kathy Getto