Changes to Willow Lane PB

Good Morning,

We will be making some changes at Willow Lane to be courteous to the neighbors as well as to address an immediate safety concern. Please notify your clubs that beginning Monday June 292020 the following  will be in effect:

  • Dura brand balls will not be allowed at this complex and we will post a USPA approved quiet paddle list so that individuals can start to move towards a quieter paddle. Most players already use an approved paddle but wooden paddles are not to be in use. Here is link if you would like to provide for your members. A laminated list will also be posted on site:
  • We will post some laminated signs that ask players to fill empty courts starting from the West side and then moving towards the East, especially for 8am arrival. The complex hours are 8am-8pm and are posted at the court.
  • Due to immediate safety concerns of playground participants and neighborhood impact, players will need to park in the softball complex and walk the short distance to the courts. We will get permanent signs made and posted ASAP that state: “street parking only for residents and playground participants only” however, we will implement these changes beginning  6/29/2020 and have some staff onsite to educate the players.   

Thank you for helping us let all of the players know.

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