Memo From Boise Parks and Rec


As we begin to wind down the summer can you please send out some reminders to the players in Boise Pickleball Club?

  • Please wear court shoes that are meant for the tennis or hard court surface. We are noticing shoe marks left from running and hiking shoes more frequently.
  • No tape is allowed on the court surface. Our maintenance staff has been pulling up tape at various sites, the past month.
  • Do not permanently adjust the nets on the dual court locations, Boise Hills, Bagley, Helen B Lowder and  Terry Day. All courts need to be returned to their proper net height, 36” in the middle, every time.

We do appreciate the continued efforts from everyone in keeping the courts and surrounding areas clean and respecting the court hours. Happy Pickleballing!

Paula LawsonAquatics and Adult Sports ManagerParks and Recreation DepartmentOffice: (208) Creating a city for everyone