Coach David Live – Best Pball Instruction on the Internet

Meet David Alexander (Coach David) who coaches and plays out of Lake Havasu, AZ. Since 2016, David has documented his pickleball journey on YouTube via his channel Pickleball Diary. These days, David and his wife, Lisa, have become accomplished players and coaches. He is a certified instructor in the best doubles pickleball system on the internet (Dynamite Doubles by Helle Sparre.

David’s coaching includes a livestream video of each and every coaching (and playing) session. He uses one and sometimes two microphones to record point by point instruction. This is remarkably helpful to the person being coached but even more remarkable is he makes each video session available to the public. You can watch, take notes, rewind and rewind again to get every nuance of the coaching he offers.

This particular session with 3.0-3.5 players documents gem after gem of instruction: serve, return to the server with a chip and charge, drop in front of your partner, keep the gap closed, etc. Take a look and see what you think.