They WON’T Stop, And They Never Will

Many of us take instruction locally and online. Jordan Briones is one of those who offers a wealth of online coaching tips and I highly recommend him. Here is a sample of his coaching work:

If you ever feel like you are getting overpowered – or just outright beat by your opponent’s fast hands at the net, then there’s only ONE solution:

You MUST work on your volleys.

This game continues to get faster and faster by the minute, and if you don’t improve your skills, you WILL get left behind.

Dinks, 3rd shot drops, and resets are NEVER going away, BUT if your opponent is easily beating you with pace, they’re not going to stop.

It’s that simple.

Be one of the first people EVER to view our “Volley Masterclass”, as we show you 11 GAME-CHANGING drills that will absolutely and without a doubt level up your volleys and give you quicker hands at the net.

Stop getting pushed around and getting beat with speed-ups, and counter back and make your opponents pay!

Watch our Volley Masterclass and let us know how it improved your game!

Your coach,

Jordan Briones | Briones Pickleball