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Can You Best Boise’s Best?

BBBAre you interested in testing your pickleball skills, but don’t have the endurance for a full tournament? …

Treasure Valley Pickleball Clubs are raising money to build a 12-court dedicated pickleball facility. “Beat Boise’s Best” is a donate-to-play event held on May 27, after competition events are finished at Settlers Park.

BRING YOUR CHECKBOOK…for a $50 tax-deductible donation you and your partner will play a game to 11 against Glenn Spivey & Zack Pancheri (our resident 5.0 team).

See how many points you can score.

The worst that could happen is you could learn something, while supporting the sport of pickleball.

Cement your spot on their ‘dance card’ today by sending an email with a subject of ‘Beat Boise’s Best’ to Barbara Dumler (

Bricks! Bricks! Bricks!

Did you buy your brick yet?

Nick and Tami Leach of Simply Pickleball are selling bricks for the Hobble Creek Pickleball Complex.

These people have bought theirs last week.

BrickSamplesKaren Buich
Diana Bunger
Hoyt Foster
Kathy Getto
Bill Hart
Judy Heinbach
Wayne Larsen
Nick & Tami Leach
Sharon Pointer
Debbie Steward
Bill & Terry Wallace

Wonder what they will put one their bricks?

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to not only help build these new courts but to show your love of the greatest game ever!

Contact Nick and Tami by phone at 208-965-5409
or by email

Hobble Creek Fundraiser #2–Buy a Brick

Nick and Tami Leach of Simply Pickleball are holding some fundraisers to raise money for the Hobble Creek Pickleball Complex.

Here is some information about Fundraiser #2 from Nick and Tami:

If you would like to leave your legacy at the new pickleball facility, we are starting a “brick fundraiser”.

For $100 you can get a 4×8 brick with up to 3 lines of text, or for $200 you can get an 8×8 brick with up to 6 lines of text. These bricks will be laid around the flagpole and elsewhere if needed. You can buy a “brick” for yourself, a family member, friend, memorial as many bricks as you would like. They don’t have to represent pickleball players, but anyone that wants to support our great sport!!


You DO NOT have to pay the money up front. By signing our form, you are committing to pay at a future time when asked. This could be an ongoing fundraiser, but if we can get a whole bunch of people on board, then we can see the bricks put in the complex sooner rather than later… If you can’t be here in person to sign up for a brick, just call or email Nick or me – 208-965-5409, and we’ll be happy to take down your information – again with the commitment to pay at a later date…

Please talk to all your friends and family to ask if they would like bricks – we are going to try and reach out to as many people as possible. If you can secure “verbal” commitments, then just email us with their name, email address and phone number. At a later date, we will contact everyone on our list and ask for inscription information to put on the bricks. So all we need now is a verbal commitment with name, email and phone number… Please note: you will not actually receive a brick. We are working with Fundraiser Sports in Boise – who will take care of the brick process. We will have a “sample” brick with us, so you can see how they will look… (see flyer)

And a tie-in to the brick fundraiser – if you know of anyone or groups who would like to Name (Sponsor) a Court – for $6000.00 , they would get a Brass Plaque Engraved with your Corporate, Business, or Loved One’s name and have it mounted on the gate entering the court sponsored… Also, the opportunity to have your name on the drinking fountain is available for only $4000.00. Nick and I are not directly involved with these court sponsors, but will be happy to give the information to the Hobble Creek Pickleball Facility committee members. The donations are also tax deductible under IRS Code 501c (3) – #47-3016164.

If you have any questions regarding these fundraising opportunities, please feel free to email, call or catch us on the courts. We will have the Titan paddle with us as well as raffle tickets…

Thanks everyone and let’s get this Hobble Creek (history making) Pickleball Facility built!!!

Download the flyer.


Tami Leach
Simply Pickleball

Brick fundraiser11

Hobble Creek Fundraiser #1–Paddle Raffle

Nick and Tami Leach of Simply Pickleball are holding some fundraisers to raise money for the Hobble Creek Pickleball Complex.

Here is some information about Fundraiser #1 from Nick and Tami:

Titan1st – Simply Pickleball is raffling off a Pro-Lite Titan Paddle.

It’s their top of the line paddle using “new” technology with a carbon fiber paddle face. As of May 15th, these will retail for $125. They will raffle for only $25 per ticket – it’s a steal of a deal. (See flyer)…

Nick and Tami will be collecting money for tickets, beginning tomorrow – Mon. May 1st, and will hold the drawing at the Boise’s Awesome Pickleball Adventure Memorial Tournament – at Settlers Park on Mon. May 29th around noon.

You DO NOT have to be present to win.

So if you have been thinking of getting a new paddle or want an extra one or so – please don’t hesitate to get a ticket or 2 or 3…

titan raffle

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