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Memo From Boise Parks and Rec


As we begin to wind down the summer can you please send out some reminders to the players in Boise Pickleball Club?

  • Please wear court shoes that are meant for the tennis or hard court surface. We are noticing shoe marks left from running and hiking shoes more frequently.
  • No tape is allowed on the court surface. Our maintenance staff has been pulling up tape at various sites, the past month.
  • Do not permanently adjust the nets on the dual court locations, Boise Hills, Bagley, Helen B Lowder and  Terry Day. All courts need to be returned to their proper net height, 36” in the middle, every time.

We do appreciate the continued efforts from everyone in keeping the courts and surrounding areas clean and respecting the court hours. Happy Pickleballing!

Paula LawsonAquatics and Adult Sports ManagerParks and Recreation DepartmentOffice: (208) Creating a city for everyone

Update to Willow Information

Thank you for helping us communicate with the players about use and parking etiquette at the Willow Lane courts. We appreciate receiving feedback and being able to provide additional information. Pickleball is a fast growing sport in the Treasure Valley and we value the willingness of players and groups to be courteous to neighbors and all park users.

·        The US Pickleball Association (USPA) has an approved quiet paddle list so that individuals can start to move towards a quieter paddle. Most players already use an approved paddle, but as a reminder, wooden paddles are not to be in use. Here is link if you would like to provide it for your members that are purchasing a new paddle or as a reminder for players who may be planning to purchase a new paddle later on. We would appreciate if they would look to buy a quiet paddle when the time comes. A laminated list, attached to this message, will also be posted on site and it is more elaborate.

·        In an effort to be courteous to neighbors while taking into account the noise that the complex creates, we are asking that you do not use Dura brand balls. 

·        We will post some laminated signs that ask players to fill empty courts starting from the East side of Willow Lane, and then moving towards the West. This is especially important for those who arrive to play first thing at 8 a.m. Please remember the Willow Lane complex hours are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and are posted at the court.

·        As a safety precaution for playground users and as a courtesy to neighbors living directly adjacent to the courts, we are asking pickleball players to park in the softball complex area at Willow Lane and walk the short distance to the courts. Please park in a designated parking spot at Willow Lane (avoiding unmarked turf and the neighborhood streets) whenever you can. Your cooperation in this effort will help us improve the experience for all park users and community members. Boise Parks and Recreation plans to implement these changes beginning Monday (6/29/2020) and we will have some staff onsite to educate the players and answer any questions. We appreciate your cooperation in this effort.

Thank you for your help and understanding as we continue to grow and support the game of pickleball in the Treasure Valley!

City of Boise-smallPaula LawsonAquatic/ Adult Sports ManagerParks and Recreation DepartmentOffice: (208) Making Boise the most livable city in the country.


Treasure Valley Ladder League

Treasure Valley Ladder League Summer 2020!!

Come participate in our first ever Treasure Valley wide pickleball ladder league.  This is a fun event where you pick your teammate for the entire season, you schedule your challenge matches, and you have the chance to make the season final playoffs with a chance to win MONEY. 

Season starts July 12th, so don’t delay in registering.  Go to  for more information including how the ladder works and to register.

Share with your friends as the more teams, the more fun it will be!

Hosted by Pickle Jam.

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