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Improve Your Accuracy

From The Pickleball Channel

Improve Your Accuracy – Something Most Players Don’t Do
Our tip for you today seems so obvious and simple that it almost seems silly. But after talking to multiple pickleball pros and coaches, this skill is one that still needs to be acquired by a lot of players.  Watch this quick tip today from Rusty Howes, the Executive Producer of Pickleball Channel, to learn how to make your shot more accurate by choosing to aim the ball.  This skill can help you stop being a reactive player, play more strategically, and start to win more points with better shots. Anyone can do this, from beginners all the way to the pros, and it will help you to improve your accuracy.
Don’t just play reactively, play strategically. Many players hit reactively and often don’t engage their mind and try to hit the ball to a specific spot on the court. But you’ll never improve your accuracy if you don’t actually try to hit with strategy. If you decide where to hit the ball in advance, you’ll know if you missed your shot or not. Then you can adjust your shots as needed to improve your accuracy and be more strategic.
The return of serve is a great time to practice this because your opponent is usually back, there’s more court available to hit the ball, and they have to wait for the ball to bounce anyway. For example, you might decide to hit the ball deep in the corner to your opponent’s backhand. If the ball lands short, don’t beat yourself up about it. Look at it as an opportunity! You now have the chance to adjust your stroke to try to develop more accuracy. When you hit the ball again, adjust your placement and hopefully you will get closer to your desired target.
In general, when you practice, try to re-shape your thinking so that you practice with a purpose. Every missed hit or lost point can be a learning experience. And every serve or return can be an opportunity to work on your shot and develop accuracy.
Pickleball is a game of placement, and with more accurate shots, you’re going to win more games.  Make your next game the stepping stone to becoming a better player! Think and aim before you hit the ball. Now there’s only one thing left to do, and that’s go play!

Hitting Deep to Dominate

Hit Deep

From Pickleball Channel

This tip is almost so simple it’s too good to be true! A lot of times, winning a point rests mostly on our shoulders, but this is one strategy you can take advantage of even if you’re not the most skilled player. Watch this quick and practical tip from the Executive Producer of Pickleball Channel, Rusty Howes. Rusty’s quick tip can give you the competitive edge to dominate on the court, and the best part is that it’s an easier shot than you think!  Watch this quick tip and keep your opponent on the defensive!

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