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He Won a Bronze!

Dick and Lawana Johnson had been having a great time with the other 10,000 athletes so far: Opening Ceremonies, Athletes Village, Olympic Flame, Parade of Athletes, etc.  

But then they received a very sad email from Dick’s men’s doubles partner the day before the event. His partner was injured and couldn’t come to Minneapolis.

DJ-BronzeIt looked like Dick wouldn’t even get the chance to fulfill his dream of competing in that event during his first time at the Games!

It was a pretty glum time for the Johnsons. However, this sad situation turned out to have a wonderful and surprising ending…

Tourney officials connected Dick with a younger player which at least gave him the opportunity to compete, even though it had to be in a younger age bracket (70+).

Dick and his new partner Ohioan Bill Regan had never met until competition day. They lost an early match and quickly dropped to the loser’s bracket in the huge tourney.

But, nine tough matches later they had fought their way back to the medal round and brought home a national Bronze medal!

DJ-MedalsCongratulations, Dick!

BPC Members Do Well in Bend Tourney

A group of club members traveled to Bend last week for the Oregon Sr. Games at the impressive 16 court complex of the Bend Pickleball Club.  It sits in a beautiful grass and forested park, with the peaks of the snow-covered Sisters mountain range in the background.

They also enjoyed a delicious steak BBQ awards party and entertainment beneath the breathtaking cliffside canyon and rushing waters of the Deschutes River.

The 3-day tourney was large and tough with players from 10 states and Canada.

Medals were won by the “old Boise High School buddies” duo: Dick Johnson & Tim Gleason. 

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Gold 70 Men’s Doubles —  Dick & Tim fought their way back up through the losers’ bracket to successfully defend this title which they had also won last year.

Gold 70 Men’s Singles —  Tim improved from last year’s Silver to Gold this year.

Silver 75 Men’s Singles —  Dick played well in the final against Bob Robillard, the 2014 Nationals Silver medalist and Dick’s partner in the doubles team who won Gold in this year’s Arizona State Games.

Gold 70 Mixed Doubles —  Dick and Betty Silver played down against younger players to win this large and tough bracket.  Both 75, they were among the oldest players in the tourney.

Boise Players Shine at Lewis-Clark Pickleball Tourney

A fun group from our area traveled to Lewiston, Idaho, last week and had a great time at the Lewis-Clark Idaho Sr. Games.

Players from Idaho, Washington, and Oregon competed in the largest draw since the tourney’s inception.


A major highlight was playing on the brand new 6 courts dedicated solely to pickleball in the beautiful Sunset Park overlooking the city. The courts are also lighted, so people especially enjoy early evening play there with the sun setting in the West… and, then, continuing on into evening play under the lights.

Treasure Valley medalists were:

Susie Christie & Laurie Janssen — Silver, 50-54 Women’s Doubles

Donna Bogdan & Mary Tomlinson — Gold, 70-74 Women’s Doubles

Scott Christie & Susie Christie — Silver, 50-54 Mixed Doubles

Al Hutchins & Donna Bogdan — Bronze, 70-74 Mixed Doubles

Dick Johnson — Gold, 70-79 Men’s Singles

Dick Johnson & Gary Robbins (both 75) — Gold, 70-74 Men’s Doubles

Dick Johnson & SunnyLynne Gray — Gold, 70-74 Mixed Doubles
(Afterwards, Dick & SunnyLynne challenged the winners of the 65-69 Mixed Doubles pool and beat them in 2 straight games)


A special thanks to Lawana Johnson for providing results and great pictures!



Congratulations are due to a few of our local players.

Sonya and Dennis Kinchloe recently competed in the “CRUNCHY DILL TOURNEY” in Eugene, Oregon.  BPC-Dennis

Dennis Kinchloe and his partner John Little won Silver in 3.5 Men’s Doubles and Bronze in 3.5 Senior Men’s Doubles.BPC-Sonya

Sonya Kinchloe and her partner Linda Scherf won Gold in 3.5 Women’s Doubles and Silver in 4.0 Senior Women’s Doubles.


Dick Johnson competed in the “MAY MANIA TOURNEY” in Spokane, Washington.


Dick Johnson (age 75) and partner Sunnylynne Gray (age 67) won Gold in 55+ Mixed Doubles.

Dick and partner Del Root (both age 75) won Gold in 70+ Men’s Doubles and Silver in 60+ Men’s Doubles.

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