Hitting Deep to Dominate

Hit Deep

From Pickleball Channel

This tip is almost so simple it’s too good to be true! A lot of times, winning a point rests mostly on our shoulders, but this is one strategy you can take advantage of even if you’re not the most skilled player. Watch this quick and practical tip from the Executive Producer of Pickleball Channel, Rusty Howes. Rusty’s quick tip can give you the competitive edge to dominate on the court, and the best part is that it’s an easier shot than you think!  Watch this quick tip and keep your opponent on the defensive!

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3 Tips From 3 Hall of Famers

Quick Tips

Here are three quick tips from three Pickleball Hall of Fame Inductees! Earlier this week, the new inductees were added to the Pickleball Hall of Fame. These players have been integral to the game of pickleball for decades and have helped pioneer the sport into what it is today by giving of their time, serving their community and playing a lot of pickleball. Hear from new Hall of Fame inductees Fran Myer, Bob Lanius and Earl Hill as they each share a Quick Tip! All three arepractical tips which are super easy to do, and, more importantly, they can really help improve your game.

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