Checking Out Huntsman World Senior Games


The Huntsman World Senior Games* are almost here!  This month we celebrate the annual event with a video playlist to get you ready for everything going on in St. George, Utah, including pickleball.


Everyone has a great time and if you haven’t heard of this awesome gathering, now is the time.

Check out this compilation of 12 videos (whoa!) from the last three years we have been there with Hyland’s, one of the main sponsors of the the Huntsman World Senior Games.


Learn about everything from the history of the games to what keeps people excited about competing.


* Several Treasure Valley pickleball players have participated in the Huntsman World Games. Put on your detective hat and ask around to find out who!

Rating Clinic Appointments

For those BPC members who have submitted their answers to the Self-Rating Questions, you should have received an email over the weekend stating your appointment date and time.

Here is a portion of the email……

Thank you for signing up to participate in Boise Pickleball Club’s Player Rating Clinic!

We will be holding clinics during the week of October 5-9 at Helen B. Lowder Park located at 3450 S Law Ave, Boise, ID 83706.

If you cannot attend the clinic on the day/time assigned to you, please let us know by emailing back to us at

If you have any questions, please email us at

BPC Player Rating Committee

If you signed up but HAVE NOT received an email yet, please let us know via email at

Improve Your Third Shot Drop

From Pickleball Channel — Pickleball 411

What’s an important shot that can make or break your game? It’s the third shot drop!

Wes Gabrielsen, a top 5.0 player, gives us the low down about this tricky shot, telling us why it’s important and how to use it.

He lays out the proper technique in an easy to understand way and lines up some key steps for success when using the third shot drop.

And he even gives a couple quick drills to help improve the shot through practice!

Don’t miss this episode packed with helpful information.

It could be the difference that pushes your game to the next level!

Getting to Know More About Player Ratings

What is a rating?

Player ratings are used to group players by ability levels so that players can compete in tournaments or leagues with other players of similar ability.

Keep in mind that this will never be a perfect system, but it should improve a player’s chances of having a more competitive and fun match.

What is the range of ratings? 

Ratings range from 1.0 to 5.0 by 0.5 increments.

A player with a rating of 1.0 is new and will have only minimal knowledge about the game and its rules.

A player with a rating of 5.0 has mastered all of the skills and strategies; and has the ability and athleticism to perform at the highest level.

Are there different types of ratings? 

Yes and no.

While ratings can be achieved or learned in different ways, all ratings are measured against the standards set by the International Federation of Pickleball.

  • Ratings can be achieved by play in a USAPA sanctioned tournament.
  • Players can rank themselves with a self-rating, but prior to playing in a sanctioned tournament the player must receive approval from the tournament director.
  • Clubs may rank their players using the IFP standards for club events including leagues and round robin lay.

What is the benefit of having a rating? 

There are many benefits to having a rating:

  • Allows players to play with others of similar ability levels to facilitate a comfortable learning environment.
  • Allows clubs to provide training opportunities based on the needs of specific groups within the club when they are ready to learn new shots and techniques.
  • Allows for clubs to hold competitions within skill groups, thus providing a fun and competitive environment for all.

How can I find out my rating? 

Members of Boise Pickleball Club will receive an email by Wednesday, September 16, with information about a Club Rating Clinic to be held soon!

Learn more at the International Federation of Pickleball


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