Pickleball Jamboree!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Announcing . . . 
Pickle Jam! to be held on May 3-5, 2019, in Boise.

A pickleball jamboree where players can play up to 36 hours of pickleball over three days. 

  • In the world of sports, a jamboree is a series of practice scrimmages against multiple teams. 
  • Scores are kept in individual games, but cumulative scores are not tallied. No medals will be awarded but swag will be given to each player.
  • Think of it like a continuous school recess where players rotate out after games are completed, with new players rotating in.


  • 125 players divided by skill levels or skill ranges. 
  • Play on 12 state-of-the-art indoor hard courts. All the perks of outdoor play without wind, rain, or cold.
  • Hours: Friday 8am-10pm, Saturday 8am-10pm, Sunday 8am-4pm.
  • Optional evening competitive round robins. 
  • Take a break from playing pickleball to visit and explore the beautiful Treasure Valley and its cities including Boise, Meridian, and Eagle. 
  • Meet up with old friends and make new friends. 



Hope to see you on the courts soon. 
Until then, Happy Pickling! 
Kathy Getto

Pickleball Rocks Honors Dick Johnson

Pickleball Rocks, the world’s largest pickleball apparel company and one of the most influential supporters of pickleball in many ways, recently announced its 2018 Male & Female Player of the year.  And, we are very proud to learn that the male player is Idaho’s own Dick Johnson.  This is especially significant, because this outstanding award has historically been awarded to great, young Professional players.  And, similar to earlier this year, when Dick received the prestigious 2018 “Personal Best Award” from the National Senior Games, this recent award from Pickleball Rocks is a recognition, not only of Dick’s outstanding major tournament successes, but also of his character and service in many other ways.  On his personal side, Dick has told me he feels really good that these awards are a nice recognition, not just to him, but, to all the “regular people,” and the older people in pickleball nation, both players and non players, who love our wonderful sport and contribute so much to it.
I know that Dick & Lawana continue to promote our Idaho pickleball story to their many friends & contacts around the world.  Personally, I take some pride in hearing about them frequently telling people about our great players and pickleball projects and progress in Idaho…and, that they took some of their very first pickleball lessons from me on the courts in Donnoly only 5 years ago!  I got to know the Johnsons even better when they worked so hard on our very first Hobble Creek Project Committee.
As you will read below, like young professional, Lucy Kovalova, the 2018 Female Player of the Year, Dick won 3 Golds at Nationals in Indian Wells.  He also again won Gold last year at the US Open and 2 Golds at the SSIPA Worlds, and again repeated as the top SSIPA Male Points Winner for his age group.  In just 5 years, he’s completed the “Grand Slam” by winning Golds in all the majors for seniors.  Additionally, he’s medaled, mostly Golds in those majors, for 4 consecutive years (US Open, Nationals, National Senior Games, State Games of America, Huntsman World Senior Games, and the SSIPA Worlds.
Click below to read about the awards given to Dick and Lucy:
Dick is now just 2 weeks into his recovery from his second knee operation in 4 years (that is just 3 months after his broken nose and 9 head stitches from a fall in the Gold Singles match at Huntsman!)   Let’s all wish him “CONGRATULATIONS!” and a speedy recovery,

Carson Spencer

Top Ten Most Amazing Pickleball Plays

From Pickleball Channel – Enjoy over the holiday weekend!

Top 10 Most Amazing Pickleball Plays from Pickleball Channel

Get your friends and family excited about pickleball this holiday by showing them this TOP TEN LIST of videos highlighting Amazing Pickleball Plays! Around-the-post shots, rallies that go on forever, powerful smashes, this playlist is hot! These shots are from all different tournaments and all different athletes who give it their all just to get the point. With a collective view count of over 300,000, these videos show the athleticism and hustle that goes into pickleball! Watch (and share) them all now!

NUMBER 168 Shot Rally – Las Vegas Pickleball Open

Point of Day Las Vegas Pickleball Open

WOW! This is an amazing 68 shot rally definitely worthy to be called “Point of the Day”, and it tops our list of the Top Ten Pickleball Plays. In the PRO Men’s Doubles semi-final match at the inaugural Las Vegas Pickleball Open, a spectacular point took place. It went to 68 shots, filled with strategic dinking and intense volley exchanges. Kyle Yates and Ben Johns squared up against Callan Dawson and Tyler Loong in this amazing semi-finals match that went to 3 games. They then went on to play each other again for the gold medal match later in the day. This is some hot pickleball, and you don’t want to miss this impressive point! This is the kind of point that makes you proud to play pickleball.

NUMBER 246 Overhead Smashes from US Open 2017


See just how cool pickleball can be! Number 2 in our countdown has not just one, but 45 GREAT SHOTS!  Check out the power, the form and the technique behind 46 overhead smashes captured by Pickleball Channel at the 2017 Minto US Open Pickleball Championships. This video will show you how every level of play uses the smash in every category.  Some of the smashes are even in super slow motion so you can see every detail.  This is a must see (and must share!) video for all your pickleball friends!

NUMBER 3Eleven Jaw-Dropping Points from the 19+ Men’s Doubles Gold Medal Match at USAPA Nationals VIII


You know, Top 10 just wasn’t enough! Here are eleven jaw-dropping points from the 19+ Men’s Doubles Gold Medal Match at USAPA Nationals VIII that has almost 130,000 views already! Wes Gabrielsen and Kyle Yates take on Daniel Moore and Matt Staub in this epic battle that went to FOUR games. These are four of the best players in pickleball, and this match-up has it all – incredibly long rallies, ridiculous speed, and crazy switching side maneuvers. You’ve got to see it to believe it.

NUMBER 4Amazing Point with 55 Hits from the 19+ Men’s Doubles Match – USAPA Nationals


Some have called this the best pickleball point ever. What do you think? Watch it now and find out why this point has been watched over 80,000 times and shared around the world on Facebook. It’s only 60 seconds and has everything you want to see on the court – fast, slow, offense, defense. This is a great video to share with your friends as an example of how awesome pickleball really is. Coaches and pros say it’s important to watch others to be a better player, so watch this point and see if you can spot the skills and strategies these players are using. Look for the different types of shots and gameplay each team uses to get control of the point.

NUMBER 5Amazing Rally from the Men’s Singles Pro Match – US Open Pickleball Championships


Hitting Number 5 on our list, you are not going to believe this video with a crazy moment of net play (totally legal) followed by an around the post shot! Enjoy watching some great singles pickleball play between Kyle Yates and Marcin Rozpedski that took place during the Men’s Singles PRO Gold Medal match. There was spectacular opportunity for both opponents to gain the point and you won’t believe what each one had to do to get it. As we have said before, singles play in pickleball requires stamina, athletic ability and quick thinking. All of these qualities were certainly on display at the 2016 Minto US Open Pickleball Championships.

NUMBER 6Unique Around the Post Shot Captured in Slow Mo


Number 6 is one of the first Around-the-Post shots we captured on camera. From Fall Brawl 2015,  Pickleball Channel got this slick move by Corrine Carr in slow motion! The around the net post shot requires speed, agility and accuracy – and, yes, it’s perfectly LEGAL! Sarah Ansboury and Brian Ashworth are competing against Corrine Carr and Matt Staub in a great mixed doubles match when Corrine makes the amazing save. It was a spectacular moment in an already jaw-dropping game.

NUMBER 7Amazing Singles Pickleball Shots from USAPA Nationals VII


Singles play in pickleball is amazing!  The movement across the court, the speed, and the strategy to set up winning shots is what makes it distinct.  Watch these impressive plays at the 2015 USAPA Nationals.  Pickleball Channel was excited to be court side for all of the action. We even included slow motion at just the right times to highlight the incredible moves in these matches.

NUMBER 8: Exciting Point with Crazy Behind the Back Return – Grand Canyon State Games


Wow! This is some cool pickleball! Check out this fast rally with a crazy behind-the-back return from the GOLD 19+ Mixed Doubles Match at Grand Canyon State Games 2017. Gigi LeMaster and Brian Ashworth are battling Sarah Ansboury and Dave Weinbach when Dave hits an awesome behind-the-back shot and then just keeps on playing!  This is a great point from a great game and an example of how athletic this sport can be! You’ve got to see it to believe it.

NUMBER 9Multi-Camera Breakdown of an Around the Net Post Shot with Spectacular Return – US Open Pickleball Championships


Number 9 in our top ten list highlights some of the spectacular pickleball that took place at the 2016 US Open Pickleball Championships.  Watch this one point that occurred during a Mixed Doubles 30+ Gold Medal match that was inspiring.  Wes Gabrielsen and Alex Hamner battled Sarah Ansboury and Chris Miller, and with an around the net post shot followed by an impressive defensive hit, the crowd went wild.  Watch as we give you a unique multi-camera breakdown of this amazing point.

NUMBER 10Amazing Final Point of the Women’s Doubles 50+ Gold Medal Match – Grand Canyon State Games


Check out one of Pickleball Channel’s most popular Facebook videos! With over 26,000 views and 1,547 shares, this final point from the Women’s Doubles 50+ Gold Medal Match between Alex Hamner & Jennifer Lucore against Mona Burnett & Bonnie Williams at Grand Canyon State Games 2016 is jaw-dropping! The gold medal match itself was pretty spectacular, going to FOUR games, and this point clinched the win! When we posted this during Grand Canyon State Games in 2016, the buzz was immediate.

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