Free Member Lessons

0522151117aYour Player Development Committee would like to see everyone at the 3rd FREE lesson on July 9th at Helen B Lowder Park from 8:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. 

After the lesson, we will play until ??

We have had great turnouts from our paid members, and everyone is playing better because you have attended the lessons.

Free Pickleball Lessons

pickleball_gear-620x279John Sweeting is giving free pickleball lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Settlers Park in Meridian.

The lessons start at 8:00 a.m. and will begin on June 23.

John is the Pacific Northwest USAPA Regional Director and has been giving lesson for many years.

So come on down to begin working or continue working on your pickleball skills!

You’ll be glad you did. 🙂


From Carson Spencer:

Greetings Pickleball Friends

With great pleasure I would like to tell you all, every P&R Commissioner in attendance voted a resounding YES for approval of the Master Plan at Hobble Creek Park.

We have a place to call home for our tournaments, leagues, clinics and general play. A 12 court dedicated complex just for Pickleball is a huge step for all who love to play our game.

Today is a day that will be a part of history for our fun sport right here in Boise and surrounding areas.

Thank you all for being a part of this movement to include PB in the mainstream of sports here in our area. Without your participation playing as much as we all do, I don’t think this would have gone to the Commissioners.

Tomorrow, I hope you go out and play PB with a big smile on your face knowing that something big is on the horizon.



Note from Boise Pickleball Club’s Carson Spencer: 

A friendly reminder of our upcoming most important meeting with the Boise Parks & Recreation Commissioners.

If we all want a place to call home for tournaments, leagues, lessons and group play, we have to show up at this meeting for support of the Master Plan.

Keep in mind the Master Plan has been approved by the Parks & Recreation, the next step is to convince the commissioners to approve the plan.

The REASONS to approve the Master Plan is our focus.

We have lined up three speakers:
  • One player will speak on the health benefits of pickleball.
  • One player will speak on the growth of pickleball locally, nationally and internationally.
  • One player will address the economic impact on our community as well as the average cost a player will pay to get started.
We are looking for more REASONS to build the facility including:
  • the community building social aspect of pickleball,
  • increasing and facilitating the level of awareness of sport activity, and
  • explaining what a quality complex with a family oriented sport will do for the area.
These are a few REASONS to approve the Master Plan.
I’m sure that you could think of why the Commissioners should vote to approve.
This meeting will be more formal than the meeting last month with a sign up sheet as you walk into the room at city hall.
A short three minute comment will be allowed from those who sign up to speak.
If you have a tee shirt, cap or anything advertising pickleball, please wear it to help indicate you are a pickleball advocate.
If you would rather not speak, that’s perfectly okay. But please show up for support. Every player there will be counted towards the final approval for the Hobble Creek Master Plan.
Here are the meeting details:
June 18th, Thursday, 4:00 p.m.
City Hall at 150 North Capitol Boulevard
Meeting will be held in the city council chambers on the 3rd floor.

Boise Players Shine at Lewis-Clark Pickleball Tourney

A fun group from our area traveled to Lewiston, Idaho, last week and had a great time at the Lewis-Clark Idaho Sr. Games.

Players from Idaho, Washington, and Oregon competed in the largest draw since the tourney’s inception.


A major highlight was playing on the brand new 6 courts dedicated solely to pickleball in the beautiful Sunset Park overlooking the city. The courts are also lighted, so people especially enjoy early evening play there with the sun setting in the West… and, then, continuing on into evening play under the lights.

Treasure Valley medalists were:

Susie Christie & Laurie Janssen — Silver, 50-54 Women’s Doubles

Donna Bogdan & Mary Tomlinson — Gold, 70-74 Women’s Doubles

Scott Christie & Susie Christie — Silver, 50-54 Mixed Doubles

Al Hutchins & Donna Bogdan — Bronze, 70-74 Mixed Doubles

Dick Johnson — Gold, 70-79 Men’s Singles

Dick Johnson & Gary Robbins (both 75) — Gold, 70-74 Men’s Doubles

Dick Johnson & SunnyLynne Gray — Gold, 70-74 Mixed Doubles
(Afterwards, Dick & SunnyLynne challenged the winners of the 65-69 Mixed Doubles pool and beat them in 2 straight games)


A special thanks to Lawana Johnson for providing results and great pictures!


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