Order Equipment Locally!

To order equipment, please contact Carson Spencer via email at cspencer2@q.com. OR GO DIRECT TO

zztsports.com — www.zztsports.com for prices. They carry 2nd’s for a lower price, same quality with a ding.

CustomPaddleCustom Paddle

Now you can put your own image on a high quality paddle! (See image stipulations below.) The custom Raptor has an aluminum core with a fiberglass face. We take it to the next level by adding a poly vinyl overlay to the paddle to make it a 4 layer…


Evo I

We call it the Evo I because it is the evolution of 10 years of research and development. Every piece has been specifically created to become one of our paddles from scratch. Our composite paddle has our ½ inch aluminum honeycombed core…


Fuzion Hammer

The hammer hits hard and is heavy. It weighs in at 9.5 oz. A true woven graphite skin completes the tri-composite frame. 1/2 inch aluminum core bonded to a fiberglass epoxy underlayment. The size is pushed to the limit at 8 inches wide by 16…


Fuzion Pro

This is a game changer. The Fuzion line is not for everyone. The Fusion line is made from an aircraft aluminum honeycomb core bonded to a thin fiberglass underlayment. They are solid and weigh in @ 8.3-8.5 oz. A true woven graphite skin is then…


Evo II

The EVO II offers the same purpose built ½ inch aluminum honeycomb and premium fiberglass composite as the EVO I, but follows the shape of our original contour with a rounder body and longer handle. The handle with a GAMMA Pro Lite grip…


Raptor Graffiti

We are proud to introduce the Raptor, ZZT’s new Aluminum core, Fiberglass/Polyvinyl face Composite paddles. A new low profile Edge guard and choice of premium grips make for a solid paddle you can count on. We added a little color too!