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Boise and Meridian Parks Opening!

From Jane Hosteny

Great news everyone!   The pickleball courts in Boise will reopen tomorrow, Saturday, during Stage 2 of the reopening plan.
I went over to Manitou Park this afternoon to check on the courts and the nets were up and the gate unlocked, so all is good.  But please, continue practicing social distancing and bring hand sanitizer if you have some.
For more information on what’s reopening in Stage 2, click on the link below and scroll down to Boise Parks and Recreation.

Hope to see you on the courts soon!

Jane Hosteny BPC Secretary

Register for Pickleball Summit

Hi Pickleballers,
The Pickleball Summit is now ready for registrations!  
Go to their website:
It is important to get this announcement out to the pickleball world.  All our players are at home “sheltering in place”, bored to tears.  They need a fun, positive message from their pickleball community, providing information about upcoming events, new technologies and hearing from many of the most influential players and coaches in the game today.
Please forward this announcement to any and all your friends and contacts so everyone we know can enjoy this Summit.  Don’t forget the pickleball clubs and groups with large email lists!I hope to see you online next week?

Paul Olson

Selkirk Brand Ambassador

AAU District Sports Director

PPR & IPTPA Certified Coach


Pickleball Quaratine From The Pickleball Channel

Posted by HR on April 9, 2020 in Pickleball Channel

Pickleball Quarantine – What Now?

With everyone in worldwide lockdown, life has changed. Staying safe at home is the norm and missing pickleball is something we are learning to live with.

Join us as we share the latest updates from across the pickleball community. From recreational pickleball to the status of tournaments across the nation, Rusty Howes walks us through it all. We even share what the USAPA is trying to do to keep us all excited about the sport of pickleball as well as what people around the world are trying to do on their own.

The most important thing is that everyone Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Connected. We can do this together if we are #PickleballStrong.

From The Pickleball Channel

Stay Safe!


Ladies and Gentlemen,

With an estimated 900 million people (including the Statista Infographic Team) currently on lockdown, we’re getting things started this week with a look at why social distancing is so important. Further down, our second infographic looks at another possible reason for the severity of the COVID-19 outbreak in Italy. While the country’s aging population is being seen as the key reason, another contributory factor could be the fact that a disproportionate amount of young people still live with their parents and grandparents. 

Have a nice week and stay safe! 

Click here for access to our data on the coronavirus pandemic – free of charge.
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