Club Nets At Manitou Park


As you may know by now, we have two new portable nets at Manitou.  They are kept chained and locked up with heavy duty combination locks when not in use.
The board discussed and carefully considered how to keep the nets safe when not in use.  We realized that giving everybody the combination would eventually lead to the nets not being locked up.  Then at some point they would likely be damaged and/or stolen.
In view of this, the board decided that the combination would be restricted to the five board members, and three other people who play at Manitou almost daily.  These people are Joe Pearson, Maggie Romero, and Shelley Hallum.
As part of the responsibility of taking care of the nets, they have been required to promise they will not give the combination out to anyone else.  So, please don’t ask them for the combination.
Also, please don’t call anyone asking for the nets to be unlocked.  We want them to be available to our members for their use.  Between Chris, MariAnne, Jane, John, Dwight, Joe, Shelley and Maggie we believe there will almost always be someone at Manitou every day to unlock the nets and also to lock them up at the end.  We chose people who get there early and play later as well.  Our goal is to above all have the nets out and available at times of peak play – this is generally from about 9 or 10 in the morning until sometime early afternoon.  But they will also be available until the last combo holder goes, which can be later than early afternoon for sure.  But when the last of the 8 combo holders leaves for the day, whenever that is, the nets will be locked up without exception.
This will work out well we believe, but the board will watch to make sure over the next few weeks.  Feel free to offer any views you may have to the board members.  But please remember, we are trying to meet 2 competing goals – they are to make the nets available as much as possible, but also to keep them safe and undamaged for all members.
Thanks everybody.  We think it”s going to be a great year at Manitou!

BPC Board:Chris Clougherty, President

MariAnne Batten, Vice President

John Romeo, Treasurer

Jane Hosteny, Secretary

Dwight Eck, Member-at-Large